This page contains lyrics to songs by Yarp.

All these lyrics were written by Mattias Montelius.

Yarp III



The Pop Song

Broken down and drained of strength the beast is bleeding, licking its wounds

And we've bled out from inside its body now we see from the outside how elderly and fragile it is

No remorse for the dead

You tend for yourself in this brave new world

No remorse for the dead

You've got to push and keep struggling

How can they come back to life when there's no will to reconcile and reclaim what is theirs?

But with honesty depraved and insecurity in reign...

Lacking confidence

No, is there no way to ressurect them?

There is a need for someone to lead the way

No remorse from the dead

You tend for yourself in this brave new world

No remorse for the dead

You've got to push and keep struggling

(Soon you'll come to find that everything you fought for is gone

Soon you'll come to find that you haven't been fighting for a long while)

Broken down and drained of strength the beast is now depending on us

to help it out in its uphill struggle without purpouse or meaning, lacking any direaction at all

...and they're bickering 'mongst themselves, knowing their flaws but not their prominence

The path seems clear but no-one walks it down in fear of losing what they don't have

In fear of losing what they dream they wait 'til after centuries of torment

Wait 'til after centuries of greed

Whay wait?






Hurts To Be Alive

You are born into a bright new world

Opportunities are everywhere

You are upbrought on the same old tale of love, justice and equality

But something happens as the years go by;

an adaption of those older "lies"

"One should strive to bring all to oneself

And the I stands proudly above all else"

Struggling on day after day to no avail

You long for freedom for none but only thee

It's your dream

Taking every opportunity to satisfy your greed

And your freedom floats just outside your grasp

Almost there

How far are you prepared to go to become one of the mindless ones?

How far? Give me a number

Kneel to me and I'll show you a way

Sell yourself and what's left of your integrity

Sell yourself - become another face in the crowd

Sell yourself - join the freedom and the wealth upstairs

Sell yourself and let others pay for your dream

What if all that we have seen is false?

What if they are every one of us?

What if everything we thought was true is lie?

What if this freedom leaves us helpless torn apart?


And what if it hurts to be alive?

What if it hurts to be this free somehow?

What if it hurts to know their truth?

What if it hurts to have claimed the opposite?

What if it hurts to heed their call?

What if it hurts there in their open arms?

What if it hurts to embrace the fall?

What if it hurts to be another one?


Köttet På Grillen

Blue corner:

Dissent - An infectios disease of disorder, a terminal illness at the heart

Find the source of the infection, put it in quarantine, leave it be

The unrelenting voices of a populace uncontrolloed rings like tinitus in my ears's been declining by the years...

Consider this a retribution for your ineffectiveness

You don't risk all for our nation

Time has come to pay for your dissent

What seems to be the issue? Why can't you just unite?

Dedicate all to Jehovah, UNITE!

Well, I guess it will have to be this way, there's always black sheep

Let me drive you to your new home where you can differate on your own

Silence spreading...and the new numbness in all eyes slowly turns the Earth to heaven with structure, wealth and peace


Red corner:

Your wretched gaze examines closely trying to justify another removal

Finding there's still hope left to guide us, you prepare for another disposal


It tears me apart... It tears me apart... It tears me apart... Then stops.

Injecting things in my brain, assuring it keeps me sane

Then leaving me there on my own to reconcile the life I have lost

You feed off fear of death you revel in our omnipresent fear

And you are few yet everywhere, and that's what's frightening me the most

It tears me apart, keeps me from fighting, drains me of hope

It tears me apart, it tears me apart, it keeps you in charge..lalalaoh...

How much longer can you claim to be justified?

When even the meat on the grill begs to doffer with your opinions

And if one tries to look beyond you'll find a way to prolong one's disposal

We're mere insects to your eyes, separated from the hive

Your wretched gaze examines closely, trying to justify...

For one instance you seem to falter and in that instance you are gone


The Isle

Mist surrounds the boat, light falters

Went too far off course, rowed into the unknown

It was then he reached the isle

Tired and fatigued

So far away from home any shore is a reward

And they came and greeted him, offered him their sheltering

And they smiled and cared for him, but their smiles were sickening

And their eyes were strangely hollow

They seem to strengthen by your sorrow

Fragile he heeds what he's given

They give strength but drain his vigilance

Then the masks fell to the floor

Panic takes control

A frantic rush away from all

"We will se you soon..."

(With numb thoughts running mindless through fog towards the water)

And the blood of the departed paints the gray and misty shoreline

There is illness in the waters that surrounds the clouded island

Row away from the ilse

Try to make it out alive



(Oh baby...oh baby...etc. throughout the entire song. If anyone would count the number of "oh babies", please let us know...)

Welcome to our country, here the black snow's falling

All that's here's contagious and we're all infected

We are dead but somehow living

Seeds of life affected by the apathy we feel

We complain but our mumbling is in vain

We're the last but we don't seem to care enough

The world is doomed

I bet you know

OH BABY let's get together while there still is time

Feel like shit, let's just get this over with

Let's do it quietly and emotionless

You stand still not caring like you always seem to do

We expect tomorrow but we don't appreciate today

And we are here and you are there, there's no interaction at any point

And we're alive, but are you dead?

We can't notice, you all look so pale as if you'd fall unto the floor and let darkness take control

You all look so familiar (Joo all look so familjaar...)

Your appearances similar (Jår ah-pe-ran-ses si-mi-la-eer...)

There's a mold for everyone (Änd ther'sahmold får ev-ribaahdi...)

You did not choose, you we're all formed (Joo didd naht tjoos...)

You might even fall into the norm of not following the norm, even when you think you're in control

Here all your emotions feel so monochrome

All your struggles yield nothing at all 'cause you're adapted, you are pale, emotionless

You've joined the army that march into the end not looking back

At the edge of sorrow comes the end of guarantees:

There's no tomorrow


Craving of a Mortal

Upon the craving of a mortal man unspeakable events transpire

Each one hideous, unjustifiable, but done willingly by the greed of man

They take what keeps them alive and rip it out of the ground

Their malevolence brings light to those who never see the day

There flow two rivers; one white, one red

The man is hungering to consume them and have their wisdom run though his veins

The very flesh of living beings and the red fluid of others all combined in a hideous mixture without purpouse, life or soul

Rocks of the mountains make the foundation

Upon them the flesh of the cattle combined with those who never see the day

They are the property of the mortal man

Their necessities combined to serve him

Their only purpouse is to please and satisfy

That is the reason why they died

Upon them flow two rivers; one white, one red

The man consumes them

Now their wisdom run through his veins

Now the order has been carried out and the mortal man is pleased

The residues are burned but some re-used

And now it's time to pay

Your ways can not be justified


Songs unreleased, played live:


Spökdisko (Ghost Disco)

A scent of blood brings forth the freshness of the day

Relapse the chase, continue murder one again

With life and death in warful co-existance life goes on by death controlled

Our failure in its prime

(Death for all)

Fear drives you forward through an endless count of days,

seemingly infinetly hunted all the way

You run. You hide. You kill. You eat. You procreate.

A primal faded ghost of what we could have been


We disagreed, gave up on everything

An anarchy descended into chaos, death and war


They see you from afar, it doesn't matter who you are;

here in the disco of the ghosts we are all equally redundant

If they catch you finally it doesn't matter, dont you see?

Here in the disco we might dream but we still stay as dead as always

The paranoia has transformed you into an instinctual animal, your mind set to survive

You show no sympathy, display no feelings

Death is on your mind and death is on your trail

Let me tell you something: you're just the same as them,

only your game is far more weaker and incompetent

You disregard the lack of love with murderous apetite

Your hunger summons forth the demons from the cage inside

Let me tell you something: you'll find no sympathy

You're living in a world of killers, stop being hypocritical!

You hide the illwill of the world in your pathetic smile

Attest the demons in your head, this party's dead and so are we

They see you fram afar, it doesn't matter who you are;

here in the disco of the ghosts we are all equally redundant

If they catch you finally it doesn't matter, don't you see?

Here in the disco we might dream but we still stay as dead as always

The fever cracks our brains and no-one can be saved

Here in the disco we might dream but we still stay as dead as always

The hunger presided in all, it doesn't matter how many will fall;

here in the disco of the ghosts we are all equally redundant

Your wretched gaze examines