Hello, friends and enemies.

Expect a world of white on black, for you have entered yarp.se, the official webpage of the Swedish metal band Yarp. As you may have noticed, this site is very simplistic. This could be explained by the band member's lack of experience with html-codes, or it could be viewed as artistic expression. Anyway, this site lacks flashing banners, large headlines and other shallow stuff that make you feel like a part of a commercial. This page focuses on substance rather than good looks, just like good music; it is not instantly memorable, but when you listen/read for a while hopefully the genius will come to show. If you think all of this is utter nonsense, well that's your interpretation. Good music can be interpreted in many ways.

"Sketches for a Brilliant Future", our current musical achievment and stance can be downloaded here. It's awesome and will rock your world. And it's free to download. Song snippets on our SoundCloud page (link further down).

If you wish to complain, worship us or threaten us, here is the e-mail adress to write to: metgods@gmail.com

Pictures of Yarp can be found here.

Lyrics of Yarp can be found here.

If you want to be a part of the Yarp community, get info about when we're playing live or just hang around for a bit, visit our super-active facebook page, where everyone is allowed to both speak their minds and mindlessly worship. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

We also have a SoundCloud page, where you are able listen to our music. It has now replaced our MySpace page.

Also, don't miss the Yarptube.

This site is managed by the band itself, and hopefully it will contain a lot more substance in a near future.

Have a good life

//Yarp (19-10-2010) (Latest update 12-12-2012)